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Trusted, Local Emergency Garage Door Repairs in Fort Collins

Get the quality parts and service you deserve from AAA-1 Garage Door Repair

At AAA-1 Garage Door Repair in Fort Collins, we offer unmatched emergency garage door repair and garage door installation services that are backed by a lifetime warranty. Our installations and repairs are completed by our highly trained technicians, experts in their field who go above and beyond to ensure that every single customer we work with is completely satisfied with their service.


We offer emergency garage door repair services 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all repairs. No matter what the problem is, we offer elite services that are completed on time with quality parts that are all backed by a lifetime warranty, helping you feel confident that you’ve chosen the right team. Additionally, every service we complete is checked with a 25-point safety inspection. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.


If your garage door is making unusual noises when it moves, stopping abruptly, or not fully opening, then you should contact us immediately. These are just a few indications that your overhead garage door may have a broken spring which could cause more damage or even bodily harm if left untreated. If your garage door is doing something different from the items we just mentioned, you should still call to let us know what is going on so that we can help you determine what type of service you may need. Call AAA-1 Garage Door Repair in Fort Collins today and learn how we can help you with all of your garage door repair needs.


At AAA-1 Garage Door Repair, we take a tremendous amount of pride in the work that we do for our clients. Whether you need a new garage door installed to replace an old, worn-down system or have need of emergency services in a hurry — we are the right team to call.

 Safety First

The components that compose your overhead rolling garage door are not your run of the mill materials and parts. Torsion springs, mountings, heavy metal parts and more all make a poorly built or installed garage door a serious safety hazard. Just working with many of these materials makes for a dangerous job if you don’t have the proper, strength, tools, training, and experience. We make sure that all of our completed residential and commercial garage door systems undergo a rigorous, 25-point inspection process to make sure that your overhead garage door is safe and will last for many years to come.

 Quality Parts and Service

AAA-1 Garage Door Repair is not your average garage door company. We hold ourselves to a high standard because we believe that our customers deserve nothing less than the best. We never cut corners or take shortcuts, and that is demonstrated most visibly by our dedication to using only the highest quality parts and providing ongoing technical and mechanical training to our garage door installation and repair technicians.

We use only the supplies, hardware, and parts that meet the most thorough industry standards and that have earned a reputation for durability and reliability. This allows us to offer the best warranty in the business and gives our customers peace of mind in knowing that the investment they have made in their overhead garage door will repay them for years to come.

Our technicians are the best in the Fort Collins area. We are dedicated to providing working conditions and compensation that help us keep and promote experienced, efficient technicians and allows us to avoid the high turnover that is so common throughout the rest of the industry. Combine this with our ongoing training programs and you’ve got a team with the right tools, the best knowledge, and an unparalleled ability to provide you with the best service possible.

 Lifetime Warranty

All of our parts and service are backed by a lifetime warranty. This kind of offer is not available everywhere and is a sign of a garage door company that stands a head above the rest — a garage door company that can provide the commitment to excellence that you deserve.

 Satisfaction Guarantee

At AAA-1 Garage Door Repair, your satisfaction is our guarantee. Our job isn’t finished until you are happy that it has been done right. Whether we come out for an emergency garage door repair call in the middle of the night or during a bad storm or whether we are helping to provide your new home with the gorgeous, modern garage door of your dreams, or commitment to you remains the same.



There are lots of reasons that you might need emergency garage door repair services from AAA-1 Garage Door Repair, Fort Collins’ Top Rated Local® garage door company, and none of them are any fun. Maybe you tried backing out of the garage before it was fully open. Maybe a tree in your yard broke during a storm and damaged your garage door panels. Maybe the springs and mounts are old and worn and just don’t work as reliably as you need them to. The reality is that a garage door that doesn’t work properly is more than just an inconvenience, it’s also a hazard to you, your car, and your family.

No matter what your emergency garage door repair need looks like, you can be sure that we’ve seen it and fixed it before. With years of quality service to the greater Fort Collins area already under our belts, the days of new surprises are well behind us. Our emergency garage door repair services include:

 Section Hinges

 Bottom Weatherseal

 Spring Pad


 Garage Door Jambs

 Garage Door Header

 Horizontal Track Alignment

 Reinforcing Struts

 Vertical Track Alignment

 Flag Brackets

 Safety Hardware

 Cable Drums

 Side-Bearing Plates

 Center-Bearing Plate

 Backhangs Secure

 Torsion Shaft

 Door Balance

 Torsion Springs

 Door Cables

 Door Rollers

 And More!



A big question that we get from people during our complimentary service calls is whether or not they need to repair or replace their garage door. The truth is that until we inspect the damage, problem, or malfunction, it’s impossible to say — that is why one of our expert garage door repair technicians is present on for every inspection. We will assess all the information available to us during your thorough residential or emergency commercial garage door repair inspection.

Our promise to you is that our team will be fully transparent about the extent of the problem, and we will walk you through exactly what we see. No matter what, our technicians will thoroughly explain your options and give our recommendation based on the level of damage or disrepair you are facing.

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If you are in need or emergency garage door repair services, or any other kind of service help for your residential or commercial garage door, call the professionals at AAA1 Garage Door Repair today and get the quality service you deserve.

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AAA-1 Garage Door Repair in Fort Collins exclusively uses parts that have been rigorously tested and inspected to meet the highest safety standards in the industry. We offer excellent customer service and quality repair, and our parts and services are all backed by a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. The expert technicians at AAA-1 Garage Door Repair have years of experience and training and are prepared to fix your garage door safely, efficiently, and in a timely manner. We offer a wide variety of services and can take care of all your garage doors needs!


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